59 Awesome Photos of Barack Obama on His 59th Birthday

From his coolest moments to playing with kids, here are 59 awesome photos to celebrate President Barack Obama’s 59th birthday.


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60 thoughts on “59 Awesome Photos of Barack Obama on His 59th Birthday”

  1. THANK YOU for these!! My heart over-floweth. (BIG SMILES) I tried to picture “45” in ANY of these, and just can’t. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT!!

  2. I miss the Obamacare family. You care so much for this Country. You will forever be my President. If you could have ran for a 3rd term you and Joe would have my vote.

    1. My heart goes out to America you may not have a person but you have a TV star stable genius who’s like really smart n stuff.

  3. President Obama,
    Love all the love in the pictures. Truly miss you being our classy President. Hope you will stay involved in America’s future. We need you to help guide us through these difficult times. You are a true leader. Happy Birthday to you, and many more. God bless you.

  4. You are a True American role model for Presidents, husbands, fathers and All Americans!! A very happy birthday Mr President???

  5. Happy Birthday, and many more healthy, happy and successful! ?????I love Mr. Obama’s character, atitude, he embracesses each moment of life and make the best of it with sense of humor and friendlyness.

  6. What an absolutely remarkable man. What a blessings he has been to this country. History will record him correctly; brilliant yet humble, gentle but strong. A man of good character.

  7. Thank you so much for putting these together. It brought tears to my eyes, as I scrolled through. He is just an awesome individual. We were fortunate to have him as our President for those 8 years.

  8. Oh, what a great President Barak Obama was! This montage of images reminds us of the bright light and energy that President Obama gave to the job and shared with the American people.

  9. Amazing and beautiful shots of a real president. A man with moral character, love for his people and all in all a great man

  10. Seriously now..anyone want to see pics of Trump?
    No. Obama was a gift from God..and He taught us how to get through this…His gift to us.

  11. Happy Birthday, Mr. President. We miss you soooo much. May God continue to bless you and your family and keep our country free and safe.

  12. He was the leader of the Free World with grace and style and yet was down to earth. He could laugh at himself, as well as with others. He was empathetic, and sincere , knowing he was not perfect, but not giving others the idea he thought he was. An excellent role model for children.

  13. Just the most wonderful President ever, President Barack Obama. Such style, poise, compassion. I wish he could run for office again.

  14. Thank you so much for these photos. They made me cry I miss him so much . He will always be the very best to me and to so many. Love you and your beautiful family President Obama so glad i got to live long enough to see you be my President.

  15. Boy………….. I miss this President and this family, they brought intelligents and grace to the White House.
    They are AWESOME

  16. Happy birthday Mr Obama. I miss you and your beautiful family everyday. Always for the people. Your strength and courage even when the odds were against you, you never waivered from the fight. Thank you for being the best president in history. I love you❤️

  17. I just love those pictures – a very loving & caretaking man and husbond. He was the president acting like no one before him. I really miss him and his family.

  18. Happy, happy , Mr. president…my president!

    Every good wish,
    Margret Dugan PhD

    I stand with science.

  19. Thank you for the wonderful, beautiful pictures – it reminds me of what we once had. Another kind of Camelot. I’m glad they are are all okay, seem happy and doing well – so very glad. But how we miss this fine man. Our country is in a very dark time. I hope that the two houses of Congress will finally be able to do something to control the very destructive and discourteous President Trump. He wants to erase everything President Obama did because he is so strangely jealous, I guess because Obama is everything he isn’t. A good man, a great father, an intellectual, a critical thinker, a highly educated person, someone with compassion, honestly and a terrific sense of humor – I could go on and on – but all these things – Trumps possesses none of them. I hope Bob Mueller puts Trump in the hot seat and we eventually get to say goodbye to him, way earlier than expected. But it’s taking so long! The pictures made me feel very nostalgic. I wish, oh how I wish, Obama was still here with us.

  20. I just love the photo. He is the best. He’s a great man, husband and President we could eber have. Miss you as our President. Thank you dee.

  21. Total class act! American citizens miss your integrity. People all over the world miss your thoughtfulness.

  22. Thank you for such beautiful and precious memories. These pictures really made my day! They left me teary eyed, with both happiness and sadness. Such a huge loss of a role model, a family man, and a true leader in the White House.
    The United States and the whole world misses your daily presence in a life President Barack Obama.

  23. I came to respect, honor and love this president and his fantastic wife. I pray that we can return to this quality in the White House soon.

    We need good men and women that put personal agendas behind what is truly good for all the American people.

  24. In every single picture his warmth, kindness, humor, love, elegance and grace shines clearly. What a beautiful man. What a beautiful person. How blessed we were to have had him, and what a terrible loss it is for the entire world that following his light, has come the darkness of ignorance, cruelty, and greed. The image of President Obama playing with his girls in the snow says it all. This is a person who knows how to love.

  25. Thanks for the memories Sir…and thank you for your service, I dare say it will be a long long time before we see a job in the oval office done as good as yours….again thank you sir….gh

  26. Awesome is correct! Truly a great President America can be proud to have
    served as commander In Chief of your great Nation.
    Truly missed!

  27. Oh. My. Gawd!! Somebody please clone this man! I miss him and his policies and his constancy and just his all around wonderful humor and demeanor!! We were so much better off with him in office.

  28. Happy Birthday Mr. President.
    Thank you for representing me in the classy way you did and still do.
    I am grateful to have been old enough to know the value of what you have done for our country. Thank you to your wife and children for loaning us there father and husband.
    Forever grateful,
    An average American,
    David Kirk

  29. It should birthday it’s your birthday President Barack Obama I sincerely appreciate all the hard work you did before who became president and all the hard work you continue to do to represent Americans you are without a doubt a great president a great humanitarian and a great person I wish you nothing but the absolute best Long Live Barack Obama Michelle and your two beautiful daughters and all that you stand for your swag your class and your professionalism

  30. Truly the greatest advocate of human rights since Abe Lincoln. I wish he was still our president.❤️❤️

  31. What a wonderful man, what a great president and, most important, what a truly decent and caring human being!

  32. Oh Gosh, I’m crying right now .. not because I hurt my knee or I accidentally bit my tongue; I’m crying for what, as a country, we had when President Obama and Vice President Biden were in charge. I felt so darn safe; I knew that the right people were in charge of our country.

    NOW? I am more frightened each day that trump is president. He is mentally and emotionally unstable; he has surrounded himself with followers of the similar ilk. We haven’t got a real leader; he’s like a child playing with a new trainset (or should I say, a new golf club).

  33. Many more happy Birthdays! Thanks for all of the wonderful photos.
    My favorites will always be Barack eye – to – eye with all the little ones….checking out his hair, stethoscope to chest, twin babies. My other equally favorites is his love for Michele….hugging, dancing, and laughing. A truly wonderful human Being! Suave, debonair, compassionate, without self-aggrandizement. POTUS 44….you are very much loved and missed!

  34. Worst President in my life. The History books Glorify his name. He tried to distroy America. However, America Will Be Great Again…

  35. I have never felt such pride as when PRESIDENT OBAMA was elected . He and Michelle brought such grace, dignity and professionalism to the White House; unlike the current occupants who are such a disgrace and an embarrassment. God bless the Obamas.

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