Funniest Tweets Mocking Trump This Week

Donald Trump is getting mercilessly ridiculed on Twitter over firing James Comey, the Russia scandal, and his unhinged behavior. Here’s a roundup of the best tweets of the week.

Late-Night Laughs

The late-night comedians are also have a field day with the latest Trump scandal. Here are some of the week’s best punchlines.

“The Washington Post is reporting that President Trump revealed classified information to Russian officials in the Oval Office last week. And there’s talk that Congress might investigate him for it. Trump says he has nothing to hide and that he’ll fire whoever’s investigating him anyway. So, doesn’t matter.” -Jimmy Fallon

“The big story today is that Donald Trump shared secret information with the Russians last week. The good news for Trump is that he’s been named Employee of the Month by Russia.” -James Corden

“A new Gallup poll finds that President Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 38 percent. You know it’s bad when your approval ratings reach the numbers where you get concerned your phone is going to die.” -Seth Meyers

“Analysts are saying that last night’s events could be the beginning of the end for Donald Trump. Oh wait, I’m sorry, this joke is from a monologue I did last year.” -Conan O’Brien

One thought on “Funniest Tweets Mocking Trump This Week”

  1. Thanks for the humor. It really helps!

    Stay prayerful that we will survive this 21st century wilderness! ??

    And pray that Trump, Putin, Tillerson, Flynn, and other swamp critters are not plotting to start a war in Iran to get to their oil! Thank you ?

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