40 Brutally Hilarious Memes Proving Trump Is A Joke

These Donald Trump memes are the greatest. Beautiful, terrific memes. No one has seen better memes than these. That I can tell you. Believe me!




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71 thoughts on “40 Brutally Hilarious Memes Proving Trump Is A Joke”

    1. Leave him alone to do the job he was voted in to do. Can’t the losers accept the fact that he is president & have more respect. Clinton did a lot worse than Trump, even John Kennedy was a womaniser. Read the book, Clinton Cash by Peter Schwiezer, I believe Clinton’s paid for Chelsey’s wedding out of the Clinton Foundation. Give him a fair GO, write something about the good things he has done. If you bother to look instead of picking about the negative stuff, there are lots of them. He’s probably the first President that doesn’t take a wage. Everything he tries to do, the Senate opposes him.

      1. That’s not how democracy works, politicians don’t get left alone. That something like this needs to be explained to a Trump supporter is maybe not too surprising …

      2. Wouldn’t it be great if he knew his job was to represent the people of America with decorum, decency, and respect? Integrity, honor, and compassion would be great too. If the Idiot in Chief knew his job then we’d leave him alone.

      3. Leave him alone ? not gonna happen, that’s not how America works….Trump is a public servant and accountable to us the citizens of the USA and we don’t think he is doing a very good job.

      4. There are no good things to write about. There is no comparison between this shitbag and any other president, including Nixon. He has had plenty of time and has destroyed everything he has touched. He is NOT my president and never will be, and the majority of this nation feels exactly the same way.

      5. The Senate opposes him? Name one time? He’s done good things? Name 3. You think he’s doing a good job? You have a very low bar.

      6. Like massive tax cut s for the super rich? Taking babies away from parents and putting them in cages? Trying to destroy the Affordable Care act that so many need just to survive? Lying at least 6 times a day to the American people, saying white supremacists “ are good people too”
        ?birtherism? Insulting women and news reporters that are disabled ? Working with Russia to win the election? Calling the News Media fake news when it is just reporting on what shit he actually says and does? Very fascist by the way. Acting as an entitled blow hard that has filed for bankruptcy numerous times, after inheriting and losing millions, cheats on wife with porn star, let’s wife use chain migration to get wife’s family citizenship?lifts ban on ivory imports to USA causing a spik in elephant poaching? Oh I could go on and on. Where the hell is the good stuff? And don’t tell me the economy or the unemployment rate, mostly put in place by Obama btw. Wake the hell up.

      7. If you think he has done even one thing that helps the people of America, or even the entire world, then you have been totally trumped. He thinks only of himself, yet he hasn’t a clue how to help himself–take his running for president, for example–he could have remained a miserable world-class con artist flying under the radar, but his own unconscious death-wishing ego was too much to resist when Putin offered him the US Presidency. I may be wrong; it could be that Putin forced him to run for the office or else. We will soon find out–hopefully VERY soon.

      8. You need to stop drinking the kool ade! He didn’t win the presidency he was given it! The only reason he is not taking a salary is the office affords him more opportunity to steal way more than he would make. He’s had TWO years to show anything besides his stupidity and the fact he wants to be a dictator!

      9. So it’s November 2018 – how do ya like him now? Two years of Republican congressional majority and what has happened? Not much….unless falling in love with a dictator is considered success then your boyo has nailed it.

      10. That was part of the same problem Obama had, but it was then, and still is a Republican senate so, even his own party opposes most of his ideas.

      11. You have proof he doesn’t take a wage? Because he does. The Senate opposes what he tries to do because those things are stupid, and illegal. Make a list of his great accomplishments. I bet my list of his lies is longer.

      12. He controls the Senate…..they are Republican. He was not elected by the people. 7,000,000 people more voted for someone else. He is the dumbest, most ignorant, most foolish, most hateful……more…president this country has ever had. He is a disgrace.

      13. So it does not bother you that he colluded with Russia to win the electoral college he did not win the election. And just as big a deal to me is his constant lies provable lies everyday

      14. Why should anyone show respect to this man. He demeans everyone around him. He is an embarrassment to the whole country. I am ashamed that this piece of human trash represents us. I am a former Republican. Respect is earned.

      15. Yeah, about that: If he actually DID something other than golf, yell at people who disagree, insult our allies, and butt-kiss enemy dictators, i’d Be down with that.

        Everyone does accept the fact that he is the president, but it would be nice if he knew he was the president and started acting like one, instead of a petulant, spoiled child with no restraints whenever he wants to have a tantrum.

        Nobody cares about your personal beliefs regarding Chelsea Clinton‘s wedding finances. It would be nice if you guys were actually provide some proof rather than simply start these public lies based on your own feelings which are baseless.

        Poor baby Trump is being miss handled by everybody, boo-hoo. Maybe if he wasn’t such an ass to everybody, maybe if he wasn’t such a liar about everything, maybe if he actually acted like he cared about the United States when dealing with foreign countries, maybe if you didn’t get a sham of a tax bill passed which is going to screw everybody sideways and just a year or two… Should I go on?… Maybe if he actually acted like the very smart person he thinks he is, instead of like a foolish idiot and public no less, then maybe he would be WORTHY of our respect. Respect is earned, and he has earned nothing but the revulsion that he is now receiving and rightly so.

      16. Delusional!
        He’s done nothing but disrespect our military, vets, run us into deeper debt, pocket hundreds of millions, on his golf trips twice a week, embarrass our country on a daily basis, side with dictators and terrorists who poison and hack up reporters, and filled his administration with the most corrupt and vile, disgusting, bottom of the barrel, unqualified, thugs!
        He also locked up children in tent cities and gassed them!
        But, by all means, move to Russia, N. Korea, or Saudi Arabia, if you admire his tactics.
        Because, thiss is the United States of America, and we want a president who isn’t going to waste millions of dollars every week, making unconstitutional, stupid, decisions, and suggest raking forests to prevent drought, and forest fires!
        #BYE TRAITOR!!

      17. No way can we leave him alone since his destroying our Constitution and our Country! He needs to be IMPEACHED ASAP as he has been the worst Nightmare our Country has suffered!

      18. Oh, boo hoo… tick tock… lock him up. Then quite possibly we can get a person who understands what a President does and how one should act.

      19. No Clinton never colluded with the Russians. He also balanced the budget. He didn’t plunge our economy into huge debt. He didn’t humiliate gold star families. He didn’t take children away from their parents and put them in cages. What planet are you on?

      20. He hasn’t done anything positive. His entire agenda is destroying anything worthwhile. He is a traitor and a criminal and if you are ok with that there is no reason for anyone to listen to your opinions.

      21. I as a Dutch citizen looked in wath Trump did good and I’m sorry but there is nothing or is it the positive stuff FOX tells you. Please not only say he did positive stuff but name them if you can, and please base that on facts and not from “he tells it”. The only things he did without the Senate (GOP) opposes him because the Senate got a Republican majority is withdrawn of NAFTA, The Climate deal, and undermining Healthcare, Social Security and that he’s fine with the discrimination of the LGBT community. Not to mention the fact that he spews hate and false information is now the “new normal” in the US.

      22. I think you are having a regression. Fearless leader owns the senate. They opposed everything the 44th president tried to do .

      23. Mr. Trump lost the election . Americans voted for our first woman President and we did not get what we voted for . This is the only country in which the loser of an election can still be President . Aint America great ?

      24. Yeah, but the Senate is Republican, so how’s that working? Even the House is Republican (for now), and he still can’t get anything done except by Executive Order and through the actions of his appointed cronies.

      25. The Republican Senate opposes him wow who are you blaming for that, he is a their a traitor to his country and he had conspired with Russia. Treason ring a bell. Leave your head where you have it stuck the rest of the world woke. One question do you think you have an equal IQ to trump? What would that be?

      26. Yes typical of a trumpster ,dumb than horseshit your f’en potus has made a mockery of this nation ,so get your head out of the sand and clean your ears and listen to the majority ,unless your to stupid to know which end of the q-tip to use.

      27. Oh please, could you really be that stupid, gullible and unethical? Ah, I guess yes if you think he really was legally voted in without the Russians help!

      28. Trump is an complete moronic idiot. He is a National Embarrassment. His Egotistical Narcissist Personality Disorder will be the downfall if this once great country

      29. You’re a fucking moron. So desperate to paint other presidents as ‘worse than trump’. But the fact is plain- trump is a fucking uneducated tool who has fucked America and emptied our coffers.

        He has NOT donated his check and he has spent MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars at his golf courses. He has costed us more in the first year than Obama did in 8. He has made us a laughing stock(Literally, the leaders at the UN physically laughed at his face when he was addressing them). The only first for his presidency is going to be the first person to do it willingly colluded with a foreign power to harm America

      30. Um. Before the midterms he had control of Congress. Both senate and house. He couldn’t even get his OWN party to vote for what he wanted. So now. Because the Dems own the House his only option is to take his ball and run home. So he shuts down The government. He has no idea how government works

      31. You believe Clinton paid for Chelsey’s wedding ? Inside info no one else has ? I do not think they used Foundation money – they have a 91% return of money to charity. President Kennedy did not take a salary, Nor Washington & Hoover gave his to charity. His “Wage” is about 1/500 (actually more percentage) of his income. Pocket change to him. Just the hotel down the street brings in more than his “wage”. Illegally (read the lease) by the way. Senate opposes him ? Tough. That is his own party.

      32. You defend the most immoral, corrupt, stupid, bigoted and anti-constitutional president in history. That makes you one of the truly deplorable. Fortunately, people like you are the minority. We love our country which is why we despise trump. He is the antithesis of everything our country was and should be. He and idiots like you shame the country on a daily basis.
        FYI – “Individual 1” has been named in 2 guilty pleas as an unindicted co-conspirator. Cohen asserts it is trump and Mueller would have ample evidence to prove that it’s trump or he would never let it be made a part of a legal judicial record. trump is going down. It’s just a matter of time. If trump is so great then you should be able to defend him on his merit.
        his proposal to have a joint cyber security program with Russia! his pathological lying (over 6500 as of 12/7/18); his son admitting to having a secret meeting, along with kushner and manafort during the campaign with a Russian lawyer to obtain stolen information to smear Clinton; his campaign staff and administration failure to report 73 contacts with the Russians; his cabinet appointments that are all incompetent and corrupt by any measure; refusal to fire pruitte who was using taxpayer money to fund lavish travel and give huge raises to 2 of his buddies without going through the appropriate process; junior meeting with Saudi Arabian officials and taking money from them to help trump win the election despite them being under sanction; proposal to double the rent on people living in low-income housing; administration’s ties to Russia which they have all failed to report to the feds; trump’s daily violations of the emoluments clause; withdrawal from the Paris agreement given the majority of Americans are against withdrawing; GIVING THE RUSSIANS CODE WORD, HIGHLY CLASSIFIED INFORMATION IN A SECRET MEETING WITH THE RUSSIANS IN THE OVAL OFFICE WITH ONLY RUSSIAN TV THERE TO TAPE IT WILL ALL THEIR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT!! Firing of Comey and then stating & tweeting twice he fired him to block the investigation into him!!! keeping flynn on for weeks after being told he was compromised and was a serious threat to national security thereby allowing him to participate in specific policy development regarding Russia and Iran and perhaps funneling classified information to our adversaries; kushner being involved in any aspect of our government despite the fact that he can’t get a security clearance and is under investigation for his financial dealings and for failure to report dozens of meetings with foreign officials; kushner’s attempt to use the secure lines IN THE RUSSIAN EMBASSY IN ORDER TO BYPASS OUR NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCIES! why trump didn’t ban Saudi Arabia, which is recognized as one of the top financiers of terrorism attackers because he has business interests there; trump’s constant denigrating our national security agency the FBI, NSA, the media, our allies; refusing to implement sanctions against Russian and China, so he and his cronies can benefit financially; undermining of NATO; his continuing sabotage of the ACA contrary to the wishes of the majority of Americans; allowing white phosphorous to be used against civilians in Raqqa, in violation of international laws; pushing the tax bill despite the majority of Americans being against it; his failure to do anything to protect our election process from further russian interference; defend his failure to protect our power grid despite the fact that russia hacked into our system; allowing his incompetent and corrupt family to act as representatives of the U.S. while they used these meetings to enrich themselves & trump; starting a trade war that will hurt consumers, farmers and workers; ordering the feds to break up the pipeline protests in South Dakota; his violation of federal statutes and international laws by his handling of asylum seekers; the letter he wrote re. the meeting jr. had with the Russians which was proven to be lies; his sexual predation; his bigotry; attacks on POWs and gold star families; defunding Planned Parenthood despite the fact the vast majority of Americans support the association; almost $150 million spent on vacations to his own resorts which are a clear violation of the emoluments clause; the border wall which the majority of Americans don’t want; failure to denounce the kkk in Charlottesville; failure to report the Stormy payments as required by campaign laws; the lies told by his staff and administration on his orders almost daily; the use of personal phones by trump and his staff to avoid monitoring by the NSA; allowing a Russian spy who was officially banned from the country into the country to meet with trump’s CIA puppet; his release of the nunes’ memo, despite national security agencies and the FBI asserting it was inaccurate & could damage national security; his refusal to release the Democratic response to Nunes memo, asserting falsely that it contained classified info. despite the FBI and NSA viewing the document BEFORE it went to trump; dismal failure in providing aid to Puerto Rico; failure to nominate diplomats around the world, creating serious national security issues; His giving huge concessions to kim and getting virtually nothing in return.

        Provide coherent arguments with evidence from CREDIBLE SOURCES to defend trump and add something of value to the discussion. Put up or shut up.

  1. if anyone wants to focus on what this president has achieved we could always start that conversation with the words “infrastructure week”.

  2. The results of the midterm election certainly shows that, American have gotten there eyes opened by electing Trump.Thank God ,but theres still many eyes to be opened. Which,I hope happens soon before more damage is done.

  3. I understand that Trump has done so much good such as when he ……….. Well I can’t remember that but there was the time he started …….. Oh shit never mind!

  4. I had so much fun with all the memes and enjoyed reading all the comments. Specially the first one It was so funny Lol. Was this one serious or was he joking? I wish O Bell comes back and let us all know how he feels today. Ok, no! Let’s stop and leave him alone like he asked us. Lol.

  5. Oh, boo hoo… tick tock… lock him up. Then quite possibly we can get a person who understands what a President does and how one should act.

  6. We must rise again. We are losing our leadership position on the world’s stage. Donald Trump is a disgrace to our nation, for all the reasons these memes have represented and so much more. I pray for the new beginning we must seek under intelligent leadership and management of our democracy and world affairs. The White House is in disarray while we await the exit of Donald Trump.

  7. I can think of one thing he did that I liked and a couple hundred I hated. He is everything a dangerous narcissist is and if you think of him that way, you can’t miss it. Get your face out of Fox news and find some other sources. Do some research. Don’t just listen to a compulsive liar and declare that to be true.

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