40 Brutal Memes Reacting to the Kavanaugh-Ford Hearings

A roundup of the best memes and tweets reacting to the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford hearings over her allegations that he sexually assaulted her in high school.




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22 thoughts on “40 Brutal Memes Reacting to the Kavanaugh-Ford Hearings”

  1. Obviously he looks as aggressive as he has been accused of being. His anger is terrifying just as dr Ford has experienced. If anything his testimony makes hers even more believable.

  2. I suggest a physical exam, including blood alcohol testing, for SCOTUS nominees.

    Brett looked and sounded drunk af yesterday.

  3. I wonder if the red spotting on his face and nose are due to heavy alcohol consumption. Google “alcoholism facial redness” for references.

    1. Funny you say that – I’m a physician & actually the first thing I thought looking at a picture of him prior to hearing his story was “he’s a drinker”. If he were a patient I would explore his drinking habits automatically. My colleagues said the same thing. He has the classic features of someone who has chronic high levels of alcohol consumption

    2. I am an RN, child of an alcoholic, married an alcoholic. I saw those red spots immediately and wondered the same thing. Then with the outbursts, the anger, the tears, the disrespectful behavior to senators, it only strengthened my suspicion!

  4. I am amazed that anyone watching the hearing could decide Kavanaugh would be a good Supreme Court Judge. Whether you believe his guilt or not, his demeanor was belligerent, confrontational, arrogant, and dismissive; not exactly judge material. It was difficult watching his facial contortions.

    1. I found myself shrinking, ducking, closing my eyes, avoiding directly liking at him at times. When he was confirmed before; the ABA had concerns that he dissembled in court at times. He is not fit for his current job; much less a promotion.

  5. Wouldn’t you say his wife is complicit in this little cover-up ? When he was courting her I am sure he bragged about his past escapades. I’m sure she knew what the references on the calendars would have meant. She sits behind him with this sad, martyr face and watches him glibly lie to a committee. The Devil’s Triangle?? A drinking game?? It’s two guys and a girl… What the hell!! The lies just dribble off his tongue like nothing and even when he says them in such a dismissive tone he always looks down and shuffles his papers. This woman has heard his fantastical exploits from high school and college first-hand and has seen him in action belligerent and angry first hand. She is lying as much as he is.

    1. I agree with you that she knows the truth but I believe she is also a victim of many years of abuse and would have no idea how to speak her truth with out losing everything.

  6. Kavanaugh is not fit to serve on the Supreme Court – due to his temperament – as displayed on Thursday, his extreme partisanship (also displayed) and his dishonesty – he has lied under oath more than once.

  7. he has shown his partisianship. his lack of anger control, his entitlement because he is a wealthy white man, his alcoholic side when he talks about his love of beer, and he is a danger to all of us because he lies, lies, lies. Our nation deserves better than what we are getting. NO Kavanaugh, NO< NO< NO

  8. This was the response from a drunken liar and belligerent man who could not control the situation. He was cornered and could not figure out how to get out of his predicament so he lied many times and cried like many drunks do when confronted with questions.

  9. Imagine this guy’s sanctimonious lecturing to someone he has just sentenced to jail for an alcohol fueled sexual assault. The thought kind of made me want to punch him in his weeping face through the television. Could it be that this is how our “Grand Experiment” ends? My historian’s heart is dying inside me.

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