25 Brutally Hilarious Memes Mocking the MAGABomber

A roundup of the funniest memes and tweets ridiculing the so-called “MAGABomber” who sent explosive devices to Democrats and President Donald Trump’s liberal critics.

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12 thoughts on “25 Brutally Hilarious Memes Mocking the MAGABomber”

    1. Thank you, Wauchula, for proving the point of the memes listed above. You couldn’t read a single page on the Internet without calling others names.

      And by the way (and this is so common to right-wingers), your post is full of grammatical and spelling errors. There should be a comma after the word “Well”, as it is an interjection. The party in opposition to President Trump is the “Democrats”, capitalized, and with an apostrophe at the end, as you are using it as a possessive, “the mouths of Democrats” becomes “Democrats’ mouths”.

      Using good grammar always makes your message easier to understand! Unless, of course, that message is pure nonsense!

  1. When a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on Republican Congressmen playing baseball, Bernie went on the floor of Congress to condemn the attack and state that he doesn’t support anything like that. Donald Trump brushed it off when a supporter threatened his adversaries, blamed the victims and went back to mocking Hillary Clinton and George Soros at his rallies. Which one displayed more personal character?

  2. That’s nice James Van Hise but we wouldn’t be in this #OrangeNightmare if lying sack of megalomaniac crap Bernie Sanders hadn’t taken $ from Russia (Just like Trump and Jill Stein!) to smear the worthy Democratic party and dishonestly slander honorable Hillary Clinton every chance he got — Including promulgating the narratives she is “racist” after defending Trump from the characterization less than two weeks prior, and whose campaign put forth the ridiculous idea that “Clinton would be worse than Trump” in a disgusting, dishonest attempt to bolster his weak support.

    Fu@k Bernie Sanders. The lying Libertarian, dem-bashing, gun nuts, sexist, misogynist, unqualified POS gave us Trump with his ego assuaging “Bust” campaign.

  3. Why don’t we all stop looking at it as a political hate crime? Look at all of you, someone says one thing in support of Donald Trump, another condemns him, but all everyone is doing is tearing each other apart. Isn’t that the core problem with all of us? The fact that we are taking our political parties so seriously that we are willing to do condemnable things such as send unarmed and unusable bombs to people in an obvious attempt at spreading more fear? We only give him the title of “Unchecked, Unbalanced Republican Fanatic” and don’t look at him as what this situation is-a crazy person who did a horrible thing in the attempt (which was quite successful if you ask me) to further divide and infuriate and demoralize everybody susceptible to his psychotic acts. Look at how we all are acting, using our political parties to judge people. Undoubtedly if he was a Democrat, the Republicans would be doing the same things the Democrats are. Instead of always using something to accuse someone of believing in a less viable party or to gain more credibility in why your party is the right one, look at the HUMAN costs. That’s all.

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