20 Hilarious Memes Mocking the Idiots Burning Their Nikes

A roundup of the funniest memes and tweets about Nike’s ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick and the outrage from Trumpsters and right-wingers who are burning their Nikes.

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4 thoughts on “20 Hilarious Memes Mocking the Idiots Burning Their Nikes”

  1. MUST you show an up-close shot of Occupant’s backside while he’s hitting another racket? Eewww! We will NEVER be able to erase that burgeoning adipose sight from our neural pathways!🤢🤮

  2. I find these memes so FUNNY! They are SPOT ON and really represent all the idiocy in the U.S. now due to the craziness of Trump fans’ loyalty to HIM and not to their country.

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