30 Hilarious Memes Mocking Trump’s Revolutionary War Airports Gaffe

A roundup of the funniest memes poking fun at President Donald Trump’s laughable statement during his July 4 speech that the Continental Army took over airports during the American Revolutionary Wary during the 1770s.


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19 thoughts on “30 Hilarious Memes Mocking Trump’s Revolutionary War Airports Gaffe”

  1. Trump has made the worst verbal blunder of any President in history when in a much trumped up address to the nation on Independence Day 2019 he told the world that the revolutionary American Army defeated the British Army by “taking over the airports” – in 1778? This is clear proof that Trump is mentally deficient and unfit for the office he holds. His excuse that the words on the teleprompter were unclear makes it worse because any person of normal intelligence would have known the word could not have been “airports” and could quickly have substituted another.

  2. Doesn’t anybody proofread his speeches?!? He makes these kind of mistakes so often, it appears to be a deliberate strategy on their part or something.

      1. Evidently no. In the same way as the character Ron Burgundy from the movie Anchorman he just reads “Ev-Vry-Thing” regardless of logic and continuity. I don’t even think lessons in rhetoric from a master orator like Mr. Obama would help. This is because Mr. Trump does not read, either for business or pleasure. Blaming the teleprompter is his easy fix, but it just underscores his lack of accountability for his statements.

  3. Thanks for collecting and sharing these hilarious memes. I definitely LOLed.

    And Winsome Lane got it exactly right. Boohoo your teleprompter went bad; anyone with normal intelligence who’d stayed awake through high school history, and definitely any “stable genius” would have ad-libbed it better than Dumb Donnie.

    1. He is mentally unstable. He needs to recuse himself or be removed. What is most concerning now is his cabinet, his connection to foreign countries and his supporters. Despite their zealous support of him I think his support base is chasing their white supremacist agenda through him, rather than supporting him as a leader.

  4. Is he “too cool” to wear glasses for God’s sake??!! But even then he’s either incredibly ignorant of American history or no where near intelligent enough to hold the office he’s in.

  5. One wonders… There are many who would like to “erase” historic events from our history books because they may offend someone. This leads me to President Trumps recent verbal blunders during the 4th of July. Is he attempting to update the history of the past so it would have more meaning to our children in school? I mean, how many kids today can really identify what a rampart is and what it was used for when they know full well and can identify what an airport is? Connect historic events with today’s real-world names and locations, and they might remember something for a change.

  6. You think he could have stop and said: ‘ what did I just say?’ Instead he made a statement later that he didn’t need the TelePrompTer, he knew the speech very well.

  7. Teleprompter bs…. shouldn’t the President of the US have enough knowledge of history to realize this was a moronic thing to say? He’s a moron.

  8. Ha! I actually created the “Airport 1775” parody movie poster (my URL is in the lower left corner). 😁 Glad so many people thought it was funny! I’ve never gone viral before. Kinda fun! 😛

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