Funniest Reactions to the Cohen and Manafort Convictions

A roundup of the funniest memes and tweets reacting to Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s and Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s guilty convictions.



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6 thoughts on “Funniest Reactions to the Cohen and Manafort Convictions”

  1. Absolutely hilarious !
    I love the Count on Sesame Street saying, “TODAY IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE NUMBER EIGHT”, and the ha ha’s at the end of each sentence related to Cohen and Manafort.

    I will give Cohen credit for saying he would not accept a Pardon, if Trump offered it. Trump certainly won’t offer it now that Cohen exposed him. Cohen did say he is putting his family first, and the country (about time).

    1. If Cohen accepts a pardon, he will no longer be able to claim the Fifth if called to testify. He will be compelled to answer any questions or face perjury charges. His best bet is probably to try to cut a deal with prosecutors to testify in exchange for immunity against any further charges.

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