The 30 Funniest Memes Reacting to Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Remark

A roundup of the best tweets and memes reacting to President Trump referring to Haiti and African nations as “sh*thole countries”:


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72 thoughts on “The 30 Funniest Memes Reacting to Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Remark”

  1. Our African ‘leaders’ are uncouth, thieving and shockingly uncaring of their people. The only thing they care about is themselves and maintaining their larger than life egos. STILL this guy makes the calibre of today’s leaders seriously questionable. We in Africa will NEVER wish for a 1st world leader such as this. Just unbelievable.

    1. I so wish we didn’t have this so called leader. I tried hard for it not to happen. From many Americans who do not support him, “We apologize for his ignorance. “

      1. We live in an age when speaking an obvious truth is taboo. Haiti is objectively a trash heap.

        1. America created that trash heap, “Sir Flashman”
          Congratulations on your abject stupidity and your flaunting of it in public. You are truly one of trump’s finest.

        2. The country has been ravaged by earthquakes and hurricanes. The government is corrupt. But that doesn’t mean that these people don’t deserve a chance at a better life. Haitians work very hard and they pride themselves on earning a living. They also tend to be very religious. Their country may leave alot to be desired but people don’t threaten Americans in any way.

        3. Really, so the president of the United States should be able to say anything no matter how crass? He should be able to “tell the truth” in the ugliest gutter language possible? As long as it’s “the truth,” he can use whatever profanity he wishes? This isn’t about some taboo on truth. You want a taboo on truth just watch the Republicans pretending this fat ass clown is presidential. This is about a public figure who holds the highest office in the land who should be a role model for others, particularly young people and what do we get? A brainless, foul-mouthed, name-calling degenerate that would be the last person you would want your kids exposed to. I guess expecting a modicum of diplomacy from this malignant clown when he is operating on the world stage and not on some crap TV show is just too much to expect. And of course, he represents the U.S. so now the rest of us have to endure guilt by association in the eyes of the world.

          1. Kate, while your neighbours in Canada are mostly appalled at the hostage situation your country is involved in, we do recognize that this was not what most of you wanted. We didn’t want it either. I hope with all my heart that everyone gets out and exercises their hard-won right to vote in the upcoming elections.

        4. Flashman, you droll bastard. I can’t believe you pulled this stunt off. What could you have accomplished if you hadn’t died a century ago? God Save the King.

      2. He isn’t ignorant, he is flat out stupid. Ignorance has the ability to be corrected, but stupidity is entirely happy with itself, and thinks only it knows what is going on. Trump is 100% narcissistic moron, and there is no helping that. Don’t sugarcoat it, like he can be fixed. He is an abomination, and those who put him in office, and stand by what he does, are equally abominable. I am no longer even sure they are the same species.

      3. Unfortunately, Trump is a reflection of the USA whether you wanted it or not. If Trump’s view of the world is not your view, you really need to speak up and protest. His voice is your voice. Concerned for all of you.

      1. If you had the brains that God promised a banana slug, you would know that the reason the Haiti and most of the Caribbean countries are in the situation they are is because the US and Europe conspired to make them that way.

    1. Agreed!!!! and the way he pooches his mouth when he talks just tells of deep issues (and contributes to why he likely IS lying when he speaks) – this is not psych 101, it’s Kindergarten making your first friends basic-ness!

    2. His eyes are dead because he is not human. Alien. That’s why he has no human emotions, can’t read, doesn’t know the constitution, laws, everything has to be read and explained to him, his daily accomplishments only involve self gratification. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and you spotted it. There are others.

  2. Dear Americans, take it easy, we, the people from other countries, know that not all of you are like your shitty president. We know that many of you are embarrased for what he does and says but you need to really get organized to get him out of the WH.

    1. Agreed got any suggestions, there seems to be a couple of groups who are in charge, and they defend his sick self. It’s called the senate and the congress.

    2. Dear Rest Of The World,

      We are trying. Unfortunately, those who are actually empowered to do something about it in a timely manner are his toadies. Rest assured we are working to fix that situation, too.

    3. Dear Lucy,
      Thank you for not hating all Americans. There are many of us that did not vote for Trump. We are truly embarrassed and upset by his words and deeds. You are so right that America needs to get its act together and get him out of the White House. I’m going to do my part.

      1. Canadians stand with the sane Americans. We know how embarrassed and upset you are. Unfortunately he affecting the whole world with his stupidity and ego

      2. Dear Lucy
        There are many people that did vote for Trump. The reasoning was because Clinton was worse . The hold they (Bill and Her)have had over the years is incredible. Corruption is at the core. Many felt it was time for a change,any change . Many did not see how this was going to play out. Many had their doubts . Boils down to politics. Too many old men running holding on to power. Term limits for our congress are just a part of the answer. There is no way someone who has been there for 40 some years has any touch with today. Not a excuse just what we are dealing with. Plus most voters are just lazy and jump on the bandwagon that applies to them the most.

        1. I’m amazed these were the “best” candidates. President Obama failed us when he couldn’t find a better suited candidate than Clinton to supporter.

  3. Brilliant. On Live PD an immigrant stopped whatever he was doing to help a kid get his car out a a ditch. It was cold, but he’s under the kid’s car hooking it up to pull him out. The police were polite and you could see everyone’s thoughts about what Trump said and the true story about immigrants.

    1. The point here is that everybody here is an immigrant, the real Americans are the native Americans who’s land was stole from them.

  4. Don’t blame Donald Trump,he is only being who he is,Blame the people who put him in Office . America is falling apart . Help us Father God, in Jesus name a man .

    1. Absolutely. We are in trouble…..there are Americans that voted him in, and even now support him….he is who he is…..

    2. There is plenty of blame to go around and probably includes most of us. I certainly never imagined this could happen. But we must absolutely blame Trump for his behavior. He is a pampered prick who has never been held accountable because he is rich. So absolutely blame him for what he is and what he does. Just don’t forget to look in the mirror and ask what it was you might have done or not done that has contributed to this nightmare.

  5. I absolutely can not believe this man. He has no filters oe compassion. If your not a white American man, your nothing. He’s a totally embarrassment to this country! Each day I wonder what will come out of his mouth.

  6. I don’t understand why he hasn’t been required to go to court for all of his transgressions! I know he paid off or threatened the women who accused him of sexual abuse and harassment, but he needs to be held legally accountable, anyway. They dropped the case about his fake university when he paid the complainants a few dollars. He has admitted to committing illegal practices (in his ignorance) but someone comes behind him and leisurely clears up the confusion of his confessions. Can somebody take this man to court? Meuller shouldn’t have to work so hard. There’s so much real crime out there.
    I bet his own children would turn on him if they thought he would go to jail and they could control the money!!

  7. If you really want to stop the Moran VOTE September 2018 and vote all republicans out of office! He wont get anything done!!!!We need to take back the house and the senate .Everyone needs to go to the polls and if you know someone who cant make it to the polls offer them rides !This is our country and we will take it back and send him packing!!!!

    1. YES TRACY, YES, YES, YES! the ONLY way change will happen is through our VOTE in Sept. 2018.LISTENING, PEOPLE? GET OUT THERE IN THE FALL!

  8. Not only does he have dead eyes , have you ever seen him actually laugh? He doesn’t, he can’t. There’s something terribly incomplete about this creature.

    1. Steve Noll I was thinking the same thing regarding never seeing him laugh. There definitely something wrong with someone who does not laugh.

  9. Trump is making our country a Sh- hole country .And Steve is right ,he has never laughed.Very scary. Then he only, has a few ties.A red one ,a blue one ,red striped one ,and a blue stripe . Wonder if he spends all his big bucks on fancy underwear?

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