Funniest Memes Reacting to Trump’s Feud With Sports World

Donald Trump sparked a fierce uproar in the sports world after picking fights with athletes who kneel during the national anthem, and with the Golden State Warriors, whom he disinvited from visiting the White House. Here’s a roundup of the best memes lambasting Trump over the controversies:

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2 thoughts on “Funniest Memes Reacting to Trump’s Feud With Sports World”

  1. Its always the chicken hawks who beat thier chest and crow about starting wars. No one should be president unless they have served in the military. Trump is a coward of the first degree just like the alt rt that support him.

  2. At least I’ve gotten a few laughs to make up for his despicable… too tired to write. Been reading this stuff all day. I pray it is the beginning of the end for him and all his minions and rabid supporters.

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