The 30 Funniest Reactions to the Trump-Stormy Daniels Sex Scandal

See a roundup of the best memes and tweets reacting to the alleged sex scandal involving Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels, in which Trump reportedly paid $130,000 in hush money before the 2016 election to cover up the affair.

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17 thoughts on “The 30 Funniest Reactions to the Trump-Stormy Daniels Sex Scandal”

  1. New tax bill one can write off payments for sex. See. Well you could see if you could see the trump tax returns. Let’s call it storm damage.

  2. I guess Democrats totally forget that Frank Sinatra broughyt hookers to John Kennedy. An assisstant to Frank talked about this in a Playboy article years ago. not tomention Johns numerus affairs with women , all while he was president. Jessee Jackson had a baby out of wedlock with a woman while he was married and he was a Baptist preacher. I remember Al Sharpton telling people to leave Jackson alone. Of course this was dropped because Jackson was black. Jackson remained a role model for the black race. Not to mention lying Bill Clinton who doesnt need explaning with his sexual exploits while president. , and who lied under oath and was never impeached. If Trump had an affair with this pornstar he was not president at the time. Stormy Daniels first said this did not happen then she said it did. She is asouless backstabber who will do anything for money. i can respect apornstar but not a backstabber. Daniels has in glee just hurt the Trump family. As has thisidiotic, hateful culumn where i am posting this comment.Good people dont respect slimeballs who deliberately do others in. I am a Republican but had this been Obama or another Democrat in Trumps place someone was trying to ruin, it would have been wrong,,

    1. The problem is trump supporters think his behavior is excusable and acceptable. They support him AFTER the fact and bring up JFK whom the public was unaware of his behavior at the time.
      As for “ruin” he will and HAS ruined himself.

    2. Did JFK win by virtue of the evangelical vote? The hypocrisy of the right is the story, not some puritanical hissy fit about sexual morality.

    3. Bill Clinton WAS impeached by the House of Representatives, but was not removed from office by the Senate. If you are going to claim items as facts, please use actual facts. What does all these other idiots having affairs have to do with #45’s cheating, is this your way of justifying his bad behavior? I notice you mentioned numerous Democrat’s affairs, but conveniently left out all of the affairs by Republicans, we can start with Eisenhower if you need a place to start.

      1. As has been correctly pointed out and you do too, the issue is not the affairs per se, as the blatant hypocrisy. (Well there is the issue of illegal use of campaign funds as hush money in this case). They’re game to impeach Clinton, but tRUMP gets a pass? There’s a term for it, and it’s a Russian propaganda tactic.

    4. So you’re alright with Trump affair that may well have been paid off with money from his campaign or charities? You’re alright with your husband cheating on you so long as your neighbor cheated on his wife? Hey, everybody’s doing it, right? Kennedy didn’t get caught, Trump did. Clinton got impeached over it, remember??

    5. Virginia: “Good people don’t respect slimebalms who deliberately do others in.” AND YET, you defend that “slimebalms”. Lets go back to FRANK SINATRA?? OMG!! That is really digging some bodies up! A defendable act is when it can be defended on its own merits, NOT because someone else did anything in the same ballpark. And don’t worry, THIS affair didn’t ruin trump. He was disliked to the point of being hated by MOST Americans for most of the last 2 decades. He cheats contractors out of money that he owes them. I can’t explain to you about ethics and morals and manners. I would need a huge white board, a few books and probably a long pointy stick.


      The point is these are the so-called Christians… they put in their platform, erroneously as it’s unconstitutional, that America is a Christian country. “Me thinks the lady does protest too much” gay bashing VP Pence (how much you wanna bet he’s in the closet?) preaches, and sings the praise of the least moral man to ever hold public office.

      And YOU resort to Russian propaganda tactics.

    7. Seriously? Give me a break. Do you know the most important difference between all the men u mentioned and Trump? All of them were Democrats, with the exception of Frank Sinatra the second half of his life. The die hard claims of Republicans are what? How they are all about, and stand for Family Values, High Morals and that they are devoted Christians. Republicans pride themselves on those 3 claims. Republicans are against birth control, the LGBTQ community, same sex marriage etc because those things are not right in the eyes of “God.” These things are “unholy.” These things dont “fit” in any scenario of what Republicans believe to be “right.” Comparing all these men with Trump is an unfair comparison. For one, Trump, as a Republican and also by his own admission, claims he stands for all these things. For two, Trump isnt even good enough to be the gum that is stuck on the bottom of these men’s shoes. Trump, unlike the others u mentioned, claims to be ‘holier than thou’ and have all these morals and family values then cheats on his wife. So explain to me where Trumps actions of infidelity “fit” or are “right” in the eyes of “God” and how they reflect what Christianity, family values, or high morals stands for. That is the difference in what Trump has done and the other men you named. Hes a hypocrite in every sense of the word and I don’t know how he’s managed to brainwash so many people but I don’t know how David miscavige has pulled it off either. Trump supporters are no different than scientologists. They believe only what their leader says because thats what their leader tells them to do, and they don’t believe the facts that are laid out before them because their leader told them it wasnt true. Fake news. The truth will be revealed tho.

  3. Virginia-
    That’s some nice ‘whataboutism’
    The party of ‘family values’ who all but shutdown the government when bill Clinton got oral sex- glosses right over everything tRump does-

    Please pass the kool-aid

  4. Wow…..born after Kennedy but in this day and age…it would not have been ignored. If she was honest….he also almost dies snd was high on major drugs to control all of his physical issues…this is a different time. We all knew what a jerk Trump is…but I am apallet that women and Christians support him. My small Baptist Church supports the office but he is NOT a Godly man but he has an (R) next to his name so these fools support him

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