The 30 Funniest Memes Mocking Trump’s ‘Very Stable Genius’ Boast

A roundup of the best memes and tweets reacting to President Donald Trump’s proclamation that he’s a “very stable genius” who’s “like, really smart”:


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18 thoughts on “The 30 Funniest Memes Mocking Trump’s ‘Very Stable Genius’ Boast”

  1. What are we going to do ? The whole world is laughing at us even the Aliens (E.T.) , Even the Bushes had more sense,If that means anything.I feel like hiding in a hole till this thing blows over. tRump doesn’t look in the best of health golfing wont do. I think he has dementia and his staff cant hide it even that scary man huckabee. This could take years to clean up this mess maybe by that time all the old christian conservatives and politicians not to mention all the dumb-ass white people who voted for him . Why oh why did they take civics out of the class room? OH yeah its called the dumbing down of America.And the powers that be did a great job. WAKE UP AMERICA we are about to loose this great country to a bunch of old bigoted, raciest, and lying son of a guns this country has seen. Using abortion and taking away our guns as a prop for their madness, Its not true. Please vote and get these pieces of shit out of the white house and our country for that matter cause these people are not Americans. Sighed The Walpurgis

    1. Dumb ass white people?? Hey, Blacks, women, gays, Latinos, and Muslims voted for him too.

      THEY are the ones who I don’t get, when he is so clearly anti- all of them.

  2. All I can say is OH MY GOD!!!! To all those idioits that say tbeir VOTES doesn’t count – see what AMERICA got when YOU DID NOT VOTE or voted FOR the third Party that you knew Would not WIN…..THAT WAS ZA vote gor IQ45… thanks alot America!!!!

    1. I voted for Hillary. She had 2.5 million more popular votes than he did. The Stable Genius If the Electoral College put him in office!

    2. Hillary was just as bad a vote as Trump. She is a cheater and I liar, as is the whole DNC. I am a registered democrat, and my moral compass wouldnt allow me to vote for either.
      I still stand by my independent vote.

      1. Yup. You helped put this moron in office. I hope “standing by” your independent vote feels good right about now.

  3. I keep waiting for the punchline to the joke that is Trump, when he says “fooled you. I don’t support or believe anything I’ve said. Just wanted to be as outrageous as possible and see how long I could get away with it, before my ‘base’ would catch on to this monstrous sham.” Gotcha!
    Lol, lol, lol, lol, lolololololololololol

  4. Mark Hamill’s reply was awesome.
    Congratulations, sir! This dignified, statesman-like tweet is the perfect way to counter the book’s narrative that you’re an impulsive, childish dimwit.…

  5. I’ll agree with him on the “stable” part. We all know what is found in a typical stable. Lots and lots of it.

  6. IF “stable” = 3 marriages, no thanks.
    IF “genius” = multiple business bankruptcies, no thanks.
    We continue to witness his rudeness, mimicking people, anger, hostility and MALIGNANT NARCISSISM, that this vile grouping of cells and water pollutes the world with. I can’t imagine what his wives or children endured.
    He’s a great candidate for Thorazine and a padded room on his first try.

  7. Just hope to God this country can get Trump out of office before any nuclear bomb is dropped. All the other issues he is failing to handle in the interest of most of us, pale by comparison.

    1. He PROMISED us a war if elected. Maybe all of the people who voted for him could serve as the military and leave our REAL military men and women here at home.

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